Issue No. 15


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Pondini Imports: Flavors For The Soul

Maserati chooses its partners carefully. Like the Trident marque, they must be dedicated to being the best, serve clients exceptionally well, and produce something of unique and lasting value. Pondini Imports brings the very taste of Maserati to America in the form of organic Modenese food, including the world's finest Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese from the Panini family's Hombre Farm.

Panini is a name well known to Maserati enthusiasts. Museo Panini, the family's collection of rare and special Maseratis, was featured in Maserati Monthly 10. Umberto Panini, a former Maserati Motorcycles test driver and a successful entrepreneur is admired in Modena both for his superb agricultural products, and for his civic spirit in rescuing the Maserati factory's collection of Trident automobiles when Alejandro de Tomaso sought to auction it piecemeal outside Italy.

Umberto Panini made his fortune in business with his brothers, succeeding in part because of a passion for engineering, much like Alfieri Maserati and his brothers. The Maseratis honored their hometown of Bologna by adopting the Trident symbol; Umberto Panini honored his hometown of Modena by keeping the Maserati collection intact and local. Very much like the Maserati family, the Paninis always strive for the very best.

Museo Panini is housed at Hombre Farm, where Seymour Pond, long time head of the Maserati Club in America and a man passionate about both Maseratis and fine food, began to know the Panini family in the 1990s. During a trip there in the summer of 1998, Seymour began a close friendship with Dr. Matteo Panini, the farm's manager. Years of taste-testing resulted in Pond's educated conclusion that Panini Parmigiano-Reggiano was the world's best. Discussion of Hombre Farm's need for a US importer led Seymour Pond to form Pondini Imports with Matteo Panini.

For three years, Pondini has been bringing Panini Parmigiano-Reggiano into the United States, and the product line has grown to include other genuine organic Italian delicacies including S'atra Sardigna Pecorino cheese, S'atra Sardigna Extra Virgin olive oil, S'atra Sardigna Torrone, the delicious honeyed nougat of Sardinia, along with Fabbi balsamic vinegars and Caff´┐Ż Cagliari coffees.

Since 2004, Pondini has partnered with Maserati, supplying the flavor of Modena to Trident events in North America.

In 2006 Pondini enthusiastically began providing these essential ingredients to the Master Maserati driving school, and made them the finishing culinary touch to Maserati's party at Casa Palmero and hospitality suite at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

The partnership of Maserati and Pondini is an example of the value and power of shared passion and good product. Just as the craftsmen at the Maserati factory imbue their work with intense pride and skill, so too do the Panini family and their staff at Hombre Farm, as well as those who produce the other comestibles imported by Pondini. A shared passion for excellence bound the Maserati brothers and the Panini brothers in their respective enterprises, and made their brands globally esteemed. The shared love for Maseratis, Modena, and culinary delight drew Matteo and Alessandra Panini together with Seymour Pond and his girlfriend, the acclaimed jazz musician Cynthia Sayer, and propelled the success of Pondini Imports, which will soon make its products more widely available through Whole Foods supermarkets. Maserati's North American success is contagious, as everyone involved in the Maserati life can tell you.

Pondini products are available now through and soon through Whole Foods.

At your authorized Maserati dealer you can sample the key ingredient of Trident life today.